And so it begins…

An unhappy journey does not lead to a happy ending.

– Abraham Hicks

Welcome to NextBigAdventure.Me, where everything is about forward motion towards YOUR (.Me) NEXT BIG ADVENTURE!

NextBigAdventure.Me is about inspiration, motivation, and empowerment. It’s about getting from where you are now to where you want to be next — and having lots of FUN along the way! It’s about life’s journey and truly finding the JOY and HAPPINESS in that journey.

NextBigAdventure.Me is about YOUR NEXT BIG ADVENTURE — whatever that is for you. Maybe it’s a new job, new relationship, new home, having a baby, making new friends, buying a car, a healthier life, a more financially abundant life, or even just finding more peace and happiness in your everyday life. Whatever it is, it’s important, because it’s YOUR NEXT BIG ADVENTURE!

NextBigAdventure.Me is where we’ll be FLYING HIGH with optimism, confidence, positive attitudes, exhilaration, and PURE BLISS!

. . . the journey of a lifetime!

A little more background info can be found on the about page of this site.

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