There’s Nothing Spooky About Emotions!

We fear only what we don’t understand.

~Byron Katie

Happy Halloween!

Even if you don’t celebrate the holiday, it’s hard not to admit that seeing all the fanciful decorations, kids and adults frolicking about in elaborate costumes, and no one arguing whether wearing a mask is the right thing to do actually feels uplifting, good, joyful, and almost bright in a year that has felt so dark.

This year, on this Halloween, we also get to experience a Blue Moon which is a second full moon in a calendar month. This is the first full moon visible across the country on Halloween in 76 years. The last time a full moon was visible in every time zone on Halloween was in 1944. This won’t happen again until 2039. This feels exciting!

Yes, we’ve used the last two paragraphs to highlight some positive emotions, but that’s really what our journey is about and that’s what NextBigAdventure.Me is about too. We are here to remind you to intentionally look for and find those things that you can feel good about, even if it’s on a holiday you wouldn’t normally celebrate.

Today, of course, is one of those days where many people actually want to feel some negative emotions, they want to feel scared, they want to feel afraid, and they want to jump when things go bump (or boo) in the night! But it’s all in fun, to get that adrenaline rush from being frightened – which after they’ve caught their breath — leaves them feeling confident, courageous, enthusiastic, and free — all very positive emotions!

The simple takeaway here today is this: negative emotions are not evil. Negative emotions can be used and should be used for good.

If it’s Halloween and you’re out and about looking for ways to be scared, it’s going to be fun! But if it’s not Halloween and you’re feeling afraid, scared, or fearful, then ask yourself what’s going on right now in this present moment? What is causing or triggering you to feel this way? Even in this situation, these negative emotions are good. They are a signal that something is not right in your present moment, that something needs to change, that you need to find a way out, a way to level up that emotional scale, to a better feeling, more positive emotion.

Let’s learn to embrace, understand, and appreciate all of our emotions — even the really scary ones! And regardless of whether or not you’re celebrating Halloween today, take a few minutes tonight to step outside and appreciate that Blue Moon and whatever it is you’re feeling in that present moment, and say thank you!

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