Mark Alan Fish

Welcome to NextBigAdventure.Me, where everything is about forward motion towards YOUR (.Me) NEXT BIG ADVENTURE!

We all have dreams, desires, and aspirations that we are pursuing. Sometimes it seems easy and sometimes it doesn’t, and when it doesn’t we begin to feel stuck. Stay stuck too long and you will find yourself starting to spiral downwards through a variety of emotions…frustration, doubt, anger, jealousy, even a feeling of helplessness.

However, these emotions are powerful indicators that allow us to see exactly where we are at that precise moment with whatever is happening. If we can then let ourselves feel and acknowledge these emotions, we have taken one of the first steps in changing the direction from where we are, to where we want to go. We can begin to move forward (i.e. spiral upward) towards contentment, and then to hopefulness, optimism, enthusiasm, empowerment, joy, and freedom.

NextBigAdventure.Me is for those who want to go beyond just saying, “the joy is in the journey“, and actually start living (and feeling) that joy every day of their journey.

If NextBigAdventure.Me resonates with you and it feels good to be here, then join me on this joyful journey in pursuit of all our wildest dreams and hearts’ desires!

~ Mark