7-Level Emotionally Mindful Scale (aka 7-Level EMS)

One who practices the art of moment-by-moment, non-judgmental awareness of their emotions or feelings.~ EMOTIONALLY MINDFUL INDIVIDUAL This is a repost from June 2020, with a few minor updates, including changing the name of the scale from 7-Level Emotional Scale to 7-Level Emotionally Mindful ScaleTM (aka 7-Level EMS). Like the original post, the purpose of … Continue reading 7-Level Emotionally Mindful Scale (aka 7-Level EMS)

Stillness…a pathway to clarity (and expansion).

Stillness is not about focusing on nothingness; it's about creating an emotional clearing to allow ourselves to feel, think, dream, and question.~ Brene Brown A situation arises, something sets you back, brings you down. Maybe you're in a relationship or job that seems to be going nowhere. You feel stuck, unsure what decision to make … Continue reading Stillness…a pathway to clarity (and expansion).

There’s Nothing Spooky About Emotions!

We fear only what we don't understand.~Byron Katie Happy Halloween! Even if you don't celebrate the holiday, it's hard not to admit that seeing all the fanciful decorations, kids and adults frolicking about in elaborate costumes, and no one arguing whether wearing a mask is the right thing to do actually feels uplifting, good, joyful, … Continue reading There’s Nothing Spooky About Emotions!

Emotional Clarity

Having the knowledge and insight to accurately identify the emotions you are feeling in the present moment.~ Emotional Clarity By developing your Emotional Clarity you automatically begin to increase your level of Emotional Intelligence and deepen your practice of Mindfulness. Emotional Clarity is having the knowledge and insight to accurately identify the emotions you are … Continue reading Emotional Clarity